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Welcome to Piedmont Pantry!

     Hello, I’m Deborah and here I will share what is available to cook, eat and enjoy – primarily from the profusion of foods that abound in the San Francisco Bay Area.   I also write a column for the Piedmont Post, the community newspaper for Piedmont, CA.  Posts on this blog will amplify the column from time to time.  I hope you will enjoy my posts, and I look forward to hearing from you!

     I am a self-described “chowhound”, who according to the Urban Dictionary is:  “someone who strategizes carefully, passionately, and adventurously in deciding what and where to eat”.  My picture could be the accompanying illustration.  In my “day job” I develop and facilitate strategy and planning for clients, so I can claim that my obsession to strategize over all aspects of procuring, preparing and enjoying food comes honestly.

     My sincere thanks to you for stopping by my Piedmont Pantry.  I hope you’ll leave a comment and offer suggestions on what you’re cooking and eating this season!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alicia

    Hola Deborah!!!!
    It’s me, Alicia from Catacurian!!
    Great blog Deborah….I just look the apple cake and I think that it can be: Royal Gala it’s a variety from New Zealand or Braeburn and this is very recommended to cook sauces becauses they have a lot of juice and is very aromatic and have crunchy texture.
    I’m not sure…..Anyway, congratulations and big hug!!! for you
    Hasta pronto, ALICIA

    1. Deborah Post author

      Hola Alicia! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! My time with you in your Catacurian kitchen was a highlight of our visit to Catalonia. I will be working up an Alicia-inspired recipe to share soon. I can still taste the Sopa de Peix de Roca (Rock Fish Soup) and your Catxoflino…Food memories are amongst my favorites!

    1. Deborah Post author

      Thanks Judy! Glad you like it. Please continue checking my Facebook page for the latest updates and posts too. Deb


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